Trendy Plus Size Clothing

Trendy Plus Size Clothing

Roaman's Dressy Outfit

Wearing trendy plus size clothing is one of the ways we can learn to enjoy our bodies and accept ourselves more fully. With that in mind, we’ve gathered loads of information on what the latest trends for 2010 are.

One of the hold-over trends from last season is everything glittery. Evening wear, especially, is still showing lots of glam. There is some glitter in casual wear as well, so look for it  wherever you shop.

The photo to the left shows a charming pink glitter outfit that you can find at Roaman’s. They have a great selection of this type of item, so check them out.



Roaman's Stylish Cut-out Top with Brads

Roaman's Stylish Cut-out Top with Brads

New this season you’ll find lots of brads or studs in clothing. This trendy top has cut-out shoulders and brads running down the outside of each sleeve. This is one of the newer trends for spring 2010. Casual but classy, this top seems to be a real winner.

Mix and match with embroidered jeans and you’ve got a winning combination that’s sure to get people looking.

I personally love the look of this top…so casual but dressy. It’s a great find. Check it out at Roaman’s today.

Purses and handbags are also sporting brads this season. You’ll find several with studs accenting the style of the purse.  


"Trendy Yellow Dress"

 Hair fashions this spring include plaited and braided hair. You’ll also see head-hugging styles similar to the way women wore their hair in the 1920’s. Long wavy styles and the long, 1970’s look as well as chignons are part of the new look for this year. The photo to the left has that long wavy look…casual but sexy.

Colors this spring include yellow, like the dress to the left. Blue, tan, pastels, red, white and khaki are big this season. It’s so nice to see a wider selection of colors to choose from. Khaki is especially popular and yellow seems to be one of the colors you’ll see lots of as well. Black, of course, is still popular. However, it is less dominant than it has been in past seasons, which is a nice change from its previous prominence. If you particularly like this dress, check Roaman’s for this and other great dresses.



"Boyfriend sweaters"

Roaman's boyfriend sweaters are comfy and trendy as well.

Another hold-over style from last season is the boyfriend sweater and shirt. This is a welcome trend as these pieces tend to be comfortable and yet right in style. Both the shirts and sweaters are available in a variety of colors.

If you want an elegant yet casual look, why not try this type of top? You can’t find anything any more comfortable and at the same time trendy. This is another Roaman’s creation.

Many of the shirts are made of cotton and the sweaters tend to be in a jersey or cotton knit. They offer ease of movement and you will be fashion forward with this combination.

Roman's Tribal look top

The Tribal look at Roaman's

New this season is the tribal look. It’s a combination of tribal and camouflage and can create a real statement.

This style will look great if you want to be seen as assertive and strong. It speaks of the animal side of our nature while still being feminine. You’ll find it at Roaman’s.

Even bras and panties are showing up in the tribal style this season, so expect to see it frequently.

Give yourself permission to show a little of your ‘wild’ side and pair a top like this one with some leggins or jeans for a winning look.


Beautifully tailored dress suit

Roaman's tailored dress suit

Another thing you’ll discover this year are hats and elegant suits like the one on the right. Bows are big and add a classic touch to outfits that speak of elegance.

The lace trimming on this suit sets it apart and adds to its charm. With its open v-neck and long, slimming jacket, this suit is a real winner.

Wear it in traditional white or black or walk on the daring side and wear it in bright red.

At Roaman’s not only is the suit available, but also the hat so you can complete the look.

Some of the other trends we’re seeing this season are knee high socks or leg warmers. You’ll also discover leather cross-lacing on outfits and lots of jersey fabrics.

Much to my delight some heels are shorter this year and they are actually fairly easy to walk in. Wedgie shoes are still very popular, however, so there will still be times when you want to wear them. We’re starting to see smaller handbags and less makeup…nice changes for this year.


Trendy top

Trendy Blue Roaman's Top

Lacy, see-through type fabrics are big this season, like the suit above with its peek-a-boo lace. This cute little top has that same look to it. It’s sexy without being overdone. Cool and refreshing, this little number is sure to attract lots of attention. The cornflower blue is a wonderful shade and the detailing on the bodice and shoulders adds charm to this top.

Soft and flowing from the bust down, it is truly flattering. Combine with a pair of denim jeans and you’ll be right in style. Just one more of the many great tops from Roaman’s.

One thing that continues to remain ever popular, thank heaven, is denim. You’ll find it in all sorts of colors and styles this year. There are so many great trendy plus size jeans to choose from its just great. You’ll also discover that cut-out tops are still very fashionable for spring. They can be casual, or dressed up, depending on what you wear with them.

As we mentioned above, metals and brads are big this year. We found some really trendy looking sandals that seem very fashion-forward.  We also discovered some wide size shoes that have the fashionable lower heels that you’ll be seeing this spring.

An up-to-date hair style and fresh makeup help to complete your fashion statement. There seems to be a move towards a softer, less touseled look than we’ve seen in previous seasons. We think it’s a nice change.

All in all, there seems to be something for everyone in this year’s trendy plus size clothing. Let’s hope you find a few things that work for you.

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